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Buying or a selling property? We can help you.

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Expert and experienced property lawyers servicing Dandenong and surrounding areas

Each property transaction is different and requires specific advice and expertise.

We will guide you through the whole process so that you understand what is happening and are in control at every stage supervised by our lawyers. Most of our conveyancing is done on fixed fee basis.

We can also help you with advice if you are thinking of buying a property or considering selling a property.  Our fees for these are:

  • Advising regarding a contract of sale – $165 – $330 & GST (depending on the size of the contract)
  • Preparing a Section 32 Vendor’s Statement before a possible sale – $200 & GST

“Disbursements’ refers to the expenses you need to pay to a third party when buying or selling a property.  These expenses can include searches of a property’s certificate of title so that you are sure that all details are correct, bank fees and obtaining certificates from utility providers and local councils.


Buying a residential property (under $1m)

  • Normal purchase: $880 & GST & disbursements
  • ‘off the plan’ purchase: $1,080 & GST & disbursements

Selling a residential property (under $1m)

  • If there is no mortgage: $830 & GST & disbursements
  • If there is a mortgage: $880 & GST & disbursements


  • Transferring an interest in a residential property: $880 & GST & disbursements
  • Related-parties transfer:  $880 & GST & Disbursements

Commercial transactions

  • we also assist with purchases and sales of commercial property but as these have specific requirements we ask that you contact us to obtain a quote.

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