Why choose a law firm rather than a conveyancer?

There are many reasons why it is safer to use a law practice for your property transaction rather than a conveyancer.

  1. Each property dealing is unique and has its own issues – lawyers have the legal training and experience to handle any problems which may arise
  2. Property transactions can sometimes overlap with other areas of law – for example, a house may be sold as part of a family law settlement. Lawyers have knowledge of various areas of law whereas conveyancers only know how (and are restricted) to deal with property transactions.
  3. If any complications arise in relation to your property dealing, a conveyancer may need to send you to a lawyer to sort out the problem. We have lawyers in our office who can provide advice with minimal or no extra cost to you.
  4. Lawyers operate an audited trust accounts to ensure that your money is safe.
  5. After a significant change to your life (such as a buying or selling a property), you should make a will if you do not have one or update your current will so that you can make sure that upon your death your assets will go to the persons you chose – we can help you with that in-house.

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Please note, the above contains very general information on the subject matter and should not be regarded as legal advice.  Legal advice should always be sought as to your specific circumstances.